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Inna - Videoclips (2009-2016) WEB-DLRip, HDTVRip 720p-MFA
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Title: Inna-Collection of clips
Release year: 2009-2016
Starring: Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu
01. Inna feat Bob Taylor-Deja Vu 720p
02. Inna feat Carla's Dreams-P.O.H.U.I. 720p
03. Inna feat Play And Win-Inndia MasterRip 1080p
04. Inna feat. Alexandra Stan & Daddy Yankee-We Wanna 1080p
05. Inna feat. Eric Turner-Bop Bop Master 1080p
06. Inna feat. Eric Turner-Bop Bop MasterRip 1080p
07. Inna feat. J. Balvin-Cola Song MasterRip 1080p
08. Inna feat. Juan Magan-Be My Lover 1080p
09. Inna feat. Marian Hill & Yandel-Diggy Down 1080p
10. Inna feat. Marian Hill-Diggy Down Master 1080p
11. Inna feat. Marian Hill-Diggy Down MasterRip 1080p
12. Inna feat. Morandi-Summer in December 1080p
13. Inna feat. Pitbull-Good Time 1080p
14. Inna feat. Reik-Dame Tu Amor 1080p
15. Inna feat. Yandel-In Your Eyes MasterRip 1080p
16. Inna-10 minutes 1080p
17. Inna-Amazing 720p
18. Inna-Bad Boys 1080p
19. Inna-Be My Lover 1080p
20. Inna-Caliente 1080p
21. Inna-Club Rocker 1080p
22. Inna-Crazy Sexy Wild MasterRip 1080p
23. Inna-Deja Vu Starfloor 2010 1080p
24. Inna-Diggy Down (Escape Room Session) 1080p
25. Inna-Diggy Down [Global Session] 1080p
26. Inna-Endless 1080p
27. Inna-Hot (1nd version) 720p
28. Inna-Hot (2nd Version) 720p
29. Inna-Hot, Deja Vu (Live Summerfestival Antwerpen 2010) 720p
30. Inna-I Need You for Christmas 720p
31. Inna-J'Adore MasterRip 1080p
32. Inna-Love MasterRip 1080p
33. Inna-More Than Friends Master Master 1080p
34. Inna-Oare (Rock The Roof Bucharest) 1080p
35. Inna-Rendez Vous 720p
36. Inna-Shining Star 1080p
37. Inna-Spre Mare 1080p
38. Inna-Sun is Up 1080p
39. Inna-Tu si Eu 1080p
40. Inna-Un Momento 1080p
41. Inna-Wow MasterRip 1080p
42. Inna-Yalla MasterRip 1080p
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Inna (real name - Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, (born Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu), born October 16, 1986, Mangalia, SRP) - singer, songwriter, performer of dance music.
Inna started work with Play & Win in 2008, the same year the first single "Hot" was launched. Inna is the richest woman in Eastern Europe and Romania. Its income is in 2015, about 10 million euros
Country: Romania
Duration: 1:38:36
Codec: MPEG-4, AVC
Quality: WEB-DLRip, HDTVRip 720p, 1080p
Video: 1 760 Kbps - 48.4 Mbps from 1280x720 to 1920x1080 25.00fps
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