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All About - February 2019 (gnv64)
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All About Space - February 201
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All About Space - February 2019
English | 100 pages | PDF | 16.9 mb
16 Gravity …there’s something wrong with it, but astrophysicists have proposed a replacement
22 Focus On Spitzer’s 15 years - We take a look at the mission’s best bits this month
24 Planet Profile Venus - What’s happening at Earth’s evil twin
28 Free VR NASA apps - Tour the universe from the comfort of your own home
32 Jupiter: does it have a growth disorder? Why the king of the Solar System is an oddball
40 Future Tech NASA’s new missions - The advances in technology that have made the space agency’s shortlist
48 The impossible star - Plus ten other objects that defy the universe
54 Instant Expert - Solar cycles: Everything you need to know about this phenomenon in five minutes
56 Welcome to the future - Science fiction that has helped advance space technology
66 Ask ALL ABOUT SPACE - Our experts answer your questions about the universe
70 What’s in the sky? - The clocks go back, giving you an extra hour of observing
74 Planets on display - Uranus reaches opposition, making it a great target
76 Moon tour - Observe the remains of lavaflooded crater Eddington
77 This month's naked eye targets - The Cygnus star cloud and the Great Rift are excellent sights
78 Be a better astronomer - The 15 tips and tricks you need to get even better night sky views
84 Deep sky challenge - View the treats near the Great Square of Pegasus
86 How to…Observe the Andromeda Galaxy - Star clusters galore rest in Cassiopeia’s ‘W’ shape
88 The Northern Hemisphere - The best of our readers' astrophotography
90 Astrophotos of the month - Our readers' astrophotography
96 In the Shops - Our pick of the best books, apps, software and accessories